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Hi, I’m Bianca! I can’t wait to help you achieve a happier, balanced and more fulfilled lifestyle.

I'm passionate about empowering women through Self-Discovery, Empowerment and Personal Development. I work with smart and ambitious professional women over 30, who are seeking to develop a greater understanding of their identity, passions and purpose. I help them to realign with their most authentic self, so they can achieve clarity and focus as they develop their unique approach and build a personal toolkit for success.

If you're ready to make transformational changes in your life, work (or both!) and achieve a balanced and harmonious lifestyle, I'm here for you.

My Story

For years I struggled with overwhelm, stress and lack of self-confidence...


After reaching burnout, I decided to take control of my life to 'Grow & Evolve' from the inside out. It took me five years to unpick, unlearn, heal and develop the necessary skills and knowledge I needed to effortlessly create change with ease.


It was full of setbacks, disappointment and sleepless nights. But out of it, I was able to develop my personal approach and build a toolkit that would help me to create the happiness, balance and fulfillment I was looking for. Out of all of this, my Grow & Evolve Framework was born. It is a tried and tested framework that is empowering, practical and transformational.

Now, I share and teach the same powerful strategies and techniques I've learned to help others achieve success and create long-lasting change.

Expanding your mind to new skills and ideas is one of the best ways to continue growing as a person. I can provide the guidance, knowledge and support you need as you embark on and navigate your own Self-Discovery journey.

I had to become a catalyst for my own change, and I'd love to be a catalyst for yours. Why?


Because change is hard. It's even harder when you're doing it alone.


The thing is, you don't have to.

I know what it takes to start all over again, I know what it's like to change careers or choose a different path, against the well-intended advice of others. I know the feeling of being desperately miserable because you're unhappy with where you're currently at. And I know what it's like to feel the pressure and sense of helplessness when you don't know how to change it.

You lose so much when you're at that point - peace of mind, self-esteem, joy...

I'll tell you what, if you can decide that you're ready to change, despite the work it may entail; I promise you will regain all of that and more.

I'm here to empower you to develop the approach and personal toolkit you need to create your own version of success, happiness and fulfillment.


I like to make anything I do fun, stress-free and engaging, whilst simultaneously reducing any anxiety, overwhelm or guilt that may arise as a result of our lived experiences. I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your story, so if you're interested in learning how I can help and how we can work together, use the link below to book time in my diary. I'm ready to get started, if you are!

Get in touch to learn more.


It's Personal...

My mission is to empower you to overcome challenges, embrace change, and create lasting positive transformation in both your personal and professional life. Together, we will navigate the path towards success, leading you out of survival (it's no way to live) to thriving and enjoying the abundance on offer.

I want every women to step into their magic, stand out from the crowd, and to confidently reach new personal heights of fulfillment, joy and achievement.

I believe that the best way to achieve success is through through the transformational journey of Self-Discovery. My own journey led me to profound personal and professional growth, where I was able to step into my own self-empowerment and create a life that I don't want to escape from. My aim is to show you how to do this without the guilt, without the fear and without the overwhelm!

It takes work, it takes commitment and it takes effort, I can promise you now there will not be a more fulfilling journey than the one you have with yourself. You are the beginning and the end. 


I believe that each one of us possess our own unique power and it's my job to help you uncover, discover and recover it, so you can live in your full potential instead of just scratching the surface. 

When we have access and understanding of our full power, we're able to experience the fullness of our lives, not for others, but for ourselves.

Why Grow & Evolve?

‘Grow & Evolve’ is my signature framework, born out of my own personal struggles & discontent; and informed by my lived experience in creating, living and experiencing the life I wanted to.

My own journey hasn't always been straightforward. I've experienced setbacks, diversions, failures, significant challenges and hurdles, as well as a complete loss of control & direction - which took me years to overcome and come out of the other side of.

Along the way I discovered that my gift was to help others through the many challenges I faced in a way that stripped away complexities, avoided common pitfalls and built them up in their own strength & ongoing resilience.


It then became my mission to help other women do the same with a simple framework of tried & tested methods, techniques and tools that helped me do it.

I invested a lot of time, effort and money to research, test and ensure that I developed a framework that delivered on that.


Now I have the pleasure of helping countless other women through my signature framework - Grow & Evolve!

Grow & Evolve is underpinned by 3 pillars;

Power - I believe we all possess our own innate and unique power; when we're not in touch or in alignment with it, it's harder to achieve success.

Balance - Our existence is one of balance, so to me it makes sense that this would follow through in our individual lives & work. I believe it's up to us to decide what that looks like - both internally & externally.

Intent - Without clear intention you're going nowhere fast. Intention is our ability to act, if we lack power, we can't find our true balance, and if we have no balance how can we have clear intentions?


What started as my lonely quest to find the true happiness and inner peace that had once been lacking in my life, has now culminated into a life filled with passion, purpose and intention.

You don’t have to have started at the place I did - it wouldn’t be your journey if you did. But, whatever it is for you - I want to help you find and achieve your wildest dreams and ambitions.

Why? - Because you should know you deserve it!


It took me years - but it doesn't have to be that way for you!

I utilise this framework alongside my combined coaching, mentoring & training skills and experience to help you achieve not only long-lasting change but also to deliver a faster & easier way to get you to a healthier, happier place – with ease and without feeling fearful, overwhelmed, guilty OR stressed!

It's possible to enjoy and even be grateful for your personal transformation story (speaking from experience).


I'm here for women who have been working hard and who are making little progress. They feel increasingly frustrated with how things are working out for them.

Women who are smart and ambitious, but struggling to have a positive impact in their lives or feeling as though they are going nowhere fast and about ready to give up.

And I'm here for the women who are ready to take control and make the necessary changes to achieve the success they've been dreaming of.

Are you ready for the next step?

We should work together!

Now you've learnt a little bit more about me, I'd love to learn a bit about you.

 Let's do that in your first call - this one is on me! 

(I'm bringing coffee - what will you bring?)

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